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Globe Trotter Membership

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BONUS #1 - Get the $89 Annual Fee & Set up Fee Waived!
Purchase any GAAB membership and get the annual $89 membership fee and $125 set up fee waived. Get grandfathered in and never pay the annual $89 membership fee for the duration of your membership!

BONUS #2 - Get One or Two Extra Vacation Weeks 
Purchase a Toe Dipper or Escape Artist membership and get one extra vacation week for the duration of your membership!
Purchase a Globe Trotter membership and get two extra vacation weeks for the duration of your membership! 

BONUS #3 - Get 3 Vacation Certificates 
Purchase any GAAB membership and receive 3 vacation vouchers that will cost you $69 per week plus all-inclusive fees at one of 5 popular vacation resorts. Certificates can be given away to family or friends.

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Here's How It Works...
  1. Pay the one-time membership investment (Toe-Dipper, Escape Artist, or Globe Trotter)
  2. Receive user id and password within hours of purchase
  3. Log into the membership website
  4. Select your destination
  5. Choose your preferred resort
  6. Choose your preferred dates
  7. Select size of accommodation
  8. Submit your request
  9. Accept your request
  10. Pay the wholesale weekly rate
  11. Print out confirmation
  12. Enjoy your vacation

How simple is that?

Many GAAB members have recovered their membership investment on their first couple of vacations. That alone has been an eye-opener for many value conscious travelers. 

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  • Finally enable you to take more annual vacations… Would it be worth it…?
  • Give you the kick in the butt to finally take more vacations… Would it be worth it…?
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Take a few minutes to imagine just how much fun you’ll experience when you buy your new Travel Club Membership. You’ll get access to a lifetime of vacations at wholesales prices…

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One of the best things about owning a travel club membership is that it holds its value better than a timeshare. You will see your return on investment within the first 1-4 vacations. When you are finished you could sell the membership for same price you purchased it for or more!

Click on the button below and choose the level that suits you best…You're going to love it! 

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