Toe Dipper Membership

Your job or lifestyle limits you to only '2 weeks' vacation time each year… you want to stretch your travel dollar to experience the best resorts at the lowest prices!

Or maybe you’ve always been a toe-dipper (in life) and like to test the waters before taking the plunge… and that’s OK too. 

We’re here to help you get started at whatever level you choose that’s best for you.

The Toe Dipper gives you access to 2 Prime Weeks or 2 Hot Weeks at luxury resorts each year, worldwide.  Of course, you may upgrade your membership whenever you’re ready to handle more freedom…
This is YOUR opportunity to embrace a lifestyle of freedom and adventure as you open the door to a new world of travel experiences. Adventure awaits!

And the membership you purchase today offers you a lifetime of spectacular returns on your investment for you and your family.

Unleash Your Travel Beast!

You’re about to receive the keys to a new world of travel experience!

You get access to resort vacations at popular destinations around the world at wholesale prices… so you never pay retail again.

You get access to cruises, flights, tours & excursions, hotel stays and more. You get the highest-level customer service and travel planning so you experience the absolute best vacations at the LOWEST prices. Year after year…

You get private access to a secure, all-inclusive website so you can plan your entire vacation from start to finish – with ease.
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